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    1. Rock Point Community Gardens Picnic and Garden Rehabilitation , 7/15 (UPDATED)
    2. Mount Mansfield Hike, 7/21
    3. Call for Nature Words, due 7/31 (UPDATED)
    4. Outdoor Service and Water Baptism, 8/5 (NEW)
    5. Fall Retreat, 9/7-9/8 (UPDATED)
    …scroll down for details on each item…

    1. Rock Point Community Gardens Picnic and Garden Rehabilitation (UPDATED) – Sunday July 15th –  Join us this Sunday (July 15th) as we collaborate with Burlington Parks and Recreation to rehabilitate community gardens at Burlington’s beautiful Rock Point. We will be reclaiming garden plots that are have been neglected and overgrown so they can once again be available for rent to city residents, and we will be helping out with garden plots currently being used to grow food for the Food Shelf. Tasks will involve weeding, burlapping, spreading wood chips, etc. No gardening experience is necessary, and tools will be provided. Those who have signed up already will be provided a brown bag picnic lunch, but if you haven’t sign up, you can still come—just bring your own lunch! Questions? Contact Abby at

      Picnic 12 – 1pm
      Gardening 1 – 3pm

    1. Mount Mansfield Hike, 7/21Saturday July 21st Join us for a Hike!  On Sat July 21st we will hike Mount Mansfield (intermediate hike).  We will be meeting at 8am and returning hopefully before 3 (Conservative estimate).  You need to RSVP in order to attend.  To RSVP and get more info (such as where we are leaving from, packing list, etc), sign up at the Connect Table or Email Jon Ayers at

    2. Call for Nature Words, due 7/31 (UPDATED) – Scripture makes clear that God created all things, and Psalm 148 reminds us of what some of those things are: stars, sea creatures, trees, birds, clouds, etc. At our outdoor service on August 5th, we would like to do a collaborative reading of Psalm 148, and we need your help! We have put together an opportunity for you to help us illuminate this psalm by thinking of different examples of nature that fit into the categories above and submitting them here (or you can grab a hard copy at the Connect Table on Sunday). Your submissions will then be integrated into a collaborative reading of Psalm 148 for our outdoor service. Please submit your answers by Tuesday July 31st, and have fun! Questions:

    1. Outdoor Service and Water Baptism (NEW) August 5th, 10am at Oakledge Upper Pavilion – Every summer at Church at the Well we have an outdoor service. This year’s service will be at Oakledge Park in the Upper Pavilion. The service will begin at 10am as usual and followed by a picnic (bring your own lunch or stuff to grill) and water baptisms. Water Baptism is a way to publicly identify with Jesus (in his death, burial & resurrection), an outward expression of an inward decision (to follow Jesus), and instructed by Jesus who was baptized himself. If you’re interested in being baptized or learning more about baptism email

    2. Fall Retreat, Sept. 7th-8th (UPDATED) – THE WAY OF JESUS with Guest Speaker, Kevin Fitton – When we follow Jesus, we are promised rest for our souls. “My burden is easy, and my yoke is light,” he said, “and you shall find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:30, 29). But often, we put ourselves ahead of God and become a little like the Pharisees, who placed heavy burdens on others and themselves. How can we recognize when we are getting caught up in the burdensome patterns of the Pharisees, and how can we deliberately choose another way—the rest-filled way of Jesus? Join us as we gather for a special time of renewal and community as we consider what it means to follow the way of Jesus. For more information and to register, visit