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Friends At The Well,

I’ve been employed in pastoral ministry for over 17 years. For the last 5 years, I’ve been a bi-vocational pastor, giving between 20-40 hours per week to the workforce, outside of the local Church. In that time, I was a social worker, worked at two different banks, and I even worked with the TSA as an airport security officer.

I worked hard. I earned what I needed to provide for my family. I gave my very best to my clients, customers and co-workers. And in the end, I’m a richer man for it. Being bi-vocational has been an amazing experience that has grounded me, brought me new friends, and has given me a deep appreciation for the many people who work so hard to make a living, here in VT. Working in the marketplace taught me that while we make a living with what we get, we make a life with what we give.

Today, I woke up and entered a new season of life. I had no “job” to go to.  No uniform to put on. No lunch to pack. No clock to punch. And yet, I felt a strong sense of responsibility. The kind that you put on and wear around like a winter coat on a sub-zero morning. The kind of responsibility that reminds you that it’s a cold world out there, and there’s work to be done.

I’m so excited to begin 2014, able to fully devote my time and energy to what I love most, pastoring people, full-time! I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to serve Jesus, my friends at The Well, and this great community we live in.

I look forward to working side by side with you as we wear and share the warmth of the love of Christ. I encourage you to work hard this year. Make a good living, and don’t forget to make a life while you’re at it.

God speed,