Helping Vulnerable Families in Uganda during the Pandemic

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When Uganda announced stay-at-home orders to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the children of Village2Village, who receive two hot meals a day through the program, were suddenly stuck at home where there is a scarcity of food. The Ugandan staff of Village2Village scrambled to find a creative solution. Though giving away food in Uganda is currently illegal because such gestures can lead to political corruption, with much effort the staff gained permission to drop off staples at the homesteads of Village2Village children. They purchased 9240 lbs. of maize flour used to make posho, a traditional porridge; 5000 lbs. of beans; and enough salt for each family to have 2 kilos. With the help of one truck and three motorcycles, they delivered the goods.

Time for visiting was not permitted, as the social distancing orders in Uganda are strict, but the staff did manage to snap the following photos. One woman was so grateful for Village2Village helping to feed her 26-member family that she walked 20 kilometers to deliver a thank-you letter to the staff and sing three praise songs to God before returning home.

Laurie Kroll, the director of Village2Village invites us to pray for Uganda, specifically that the coronavirus would not spread to rural districts or affect the Village2Village families. She also invites us to pray for the Ugandan staff to be encouraged during this time as they come up with creative ways to supply the needs of Village2Village children and their families. Church at the Well’s monthly donation to Village2Village specifically helps pay the salaries of the Ugandan staff, so it is fitting that we also pray for them! To learn more about Village2Village, you can go view this short video,, go to the website,, or listen to a conversation with founder and director Laurie Kroll here: