Red Light, Green Light

Written by admin on Jan 22, 2014 in - No Comments

This afternoon while driving (speeding) to Staples to print the syllabus for our new 9 week class, “How We Love Our Kids”, something unexpected happened. There I was, racing through a yellow light, to avoid the dreaded red light that would steal away 23 seconds of my life, and it occurred to me just how difficult it can be to slow down.

I often feel like much of my life is spent driving in the fast lane; work, meetings, dr. appointments, school activities, emails, phone calls, helping my friends, paying bills, managing schedules for 4 children, maintaining my house, cars & belongings, social media, writing music, studying, squeezing in leisure time (it’s a good thing there are 32 hours in a day).

But today, as I was breaking multiple traffic laws, I had a moment of clarity. It was as if God’s flashing lights pulled my soul over to ask me how fast I was going. I’m boggled at how the business of life can have me speeding through it so fast that I fail to really appreciate it.

I say all that to say this, I’m thankful for this class starting on Friday night. There’s something invigorating about stopping to intentionally invest in my emotional health and the relationships that compose my life.

Sometimes I need that red light. I need to stop. I need to remember that the fast lane is not meant to be the only lane. I need to remind myself of what really matters. I think we can all use a red light once in a while.  I hope this class provides us with one.

Oh, by the way, if you see me stroll in a little late on Friday night, just know that there are 11 stoplights between my house and the Church.

God speed,