Supporting the Village2Village Children Through Prayer!

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One of the mission efforts we support at Church at the Well is Village2Village, a ministry providing compassionate orphan care in Uganda. Village2Village communications director, Sandy Martin, recently sent this letter to us and we wanted to share it with all of you.

Yoga Noi! Greetings! 

 The school year is winding down for our Village2Village Project children. 

 Our Children’s Department staff has recently visited schools holding Visitation Days, to check on the children’s performance. The picture below was taken just today! Aren’t they wonderful??


Ketty, Leah & Sharon

Children in Primary 7, Secondary 4 and Secondary 6 will be taking their National Exams in the coming weeks. These exams are a very big deal. For those in P7, their exam results will determine which secondary schools they can apply to (much like college without the long, complex application process). For those in S4, their exam results will determine what “track” they will be able to take in the final two years of Secondary School — preparing the way for what they could potentially study at university level. For those capable of reaching the advanced S6 level, these exams determine what “career track” they could potentially study at the university level. 

 Please join us in praying for the children taking National Exams.

 Each of these exams cover a very large amount of material, and are very stressful and important. (Dates listed below vary slightly from school to school.)

 Those children taking Primary 7 National Exams: Kiyai Brenda Christine, Odeke Derrick, Omala Robert, Aligo Lucy – November 1st

 Those children taking Secondary 4 National Exams: Egau Elkanah and Odongo Solomon — November 14th

 Those children taking Secondary 6 National Exams: Okello Patrick and Eretu Sam — November 4th

 Additionally, all of the other Village2Village Project children not in those classes will be taking year-end exams at each of their individual schools. All of them are studying hard and put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. So keep them in your prayers too. It’s a very stressful time. Dates are on and around November 11th. 

 Thanking you for your love and continued support for the Village2Village Project children. 

 Together, as a community of people who have put our love into action, we are part of changing the future of our Village2Village Project children. 

 Gratefully yours,


Please join us in praying for these children! To find out more about Village2Village, check out their website