Opposition in the Early Church – The Book of Acts 4:1-31

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Adam looks at Acts 4:1-31 and how the early followers of Jesus handled opposition. What can we learn from their response to persecution and opposition? How did the Holy Spirit equip and lead them?

Sermon Discussion Questions

Acts 4:1–31 (Adam’s sermon), 2-18-18

  1. In his sermon, Adam called this passage a “case study in facing opposition with the help of the Holy Spirit.” He pointed out that when we face opposition, we need to be filled with the Spirit. Do you agree? In your opinion, why is being filled with the Spirit when facing opposition important?
  2. When facing opposition, Adam mentioned, it is possible to honor authority and still stand up to injustice. Looking at the passage closely, where do you see Peter and John honoring authority? Where do you see them standing up to injustice? Do their interactions with the authorities surprise you in any way? Challenge you? Encourage you?
  3. The religious authorities who questioned Peter and John remarked their courage and noted that they had been with Jesus (vs. 13). Have you ever spent time with someone and had the impression that he or she “had been with Jesus”? What about Jesus did you see in that person? How did the person’s Jesus-likeness affect you or others?
  4. In vs. 23–31, we see the apostles and disciples’ prayer following Peter and John’s arrest and release. What are your first impressions of this prayer? Does anything surprise, challenge, or comfort you about this prayer? Does this sound like the way you pray?
  5. Read Luke 21:12–15. Have you ever experienced the truths of this passage in your life? Do you find the promise in vs. 15 easy or difficult to believe/take hold of?
  6. Is there a situation of opposition in your life that you would like the Holy Spirit’s help in? If so, take a moment to pray for the Spirit’s help according to the example of Acts 4 and the promises of Jesus in Luke 21:15.