A Dinner Chat with Jesus – Conversations with Jesus (Week 2)

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At a dinner conversation in Luke 11, we see that Jesus is not only a master at comforting the afflicted, but also at afflicting the comfortable. In this sermon, Adam places this dinner conversation in historical context, shows how Jesus might want to challenge us today, and reminds us that when Jesus has a difficult conversation with us, it’s always because he loves us and has our best interest in mind.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Luke 11:37 – 44 || Adam’s sermon || 1/12/20

  1. “Jesus is a master at comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comforted,” Adam said. Can you think of a time when he comforted you in your affliction? What about a time when, for your own good, he let you experience affliction in your comfort? 
  2. In vs. 43, Jesus accused the Pharisees of loving the important seats in the synagogue. In other words, they loved to be seen. While we may not have the equivalent of important seats in our worship gatherings, what are ways we make our service to God more about us than about Him?
  3. “We’re invited to preach & proclaim the truth in love, but it’s not our job to convict people of sin—that’s the Holy Spirit’s job.” Have you ever been tempted to do the job of the Holy Spirit for Him when it comes to convicting others of their sin? 
  4. Most of us aren’t good at being challenged, Adam said, but often, discomfort is where we grow the most. Do you agree? Can you think of a time when you experienced discomfort and grew? 
  5. Jesus isn’t afraid to have uncomfortable conversations with us because he has our best interest at heart. Is there an uncomfortable conversation you have been putting off having with Jesus? Take a few moments to thank God that he loves us as we are, and, when you are ready, ask for his grace to enter that difficult conversation with him.