A Simple and Expansive Life in the Kingdom of God – The Sermon on the Mount

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Does the Kingdom of Heaven start when we die, or are we living in it now? What would it look like for us to take Jesus’s command seriously to do to others what we would have them do to us? How can we recognize false prophets and teachers and avoid their deceptions? In this sermon, Adam guides us through these and other important questions Jesus touches on in Matthew 7.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 7:12–23

  • Many people believe the kingdom of Heaven begins when we die, but as Adam pointed out, the Kingdom of Heaven starts when we accept Jesus as our King. Does this statement surprise you? If so, why? If you have made Jesus your king, how/where have you seen evidence that you are living in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now?
  • Following Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself (vs. 12) means you will end up doing (and not doing) a whole lot more than the 613 do’s and don’t’s of the Torah. What are simple ways you have seen this command obeyed by believers around you? What is one way you can obey this command in the coming days?
  • In vs. 13–14, Jesus wasn’t just calling the disciples to live a moral life, but to rely on him as savior. And that’s what makes the road a narrow one: it demands something of us. What does it mean to you to live under the lordship of Jesus? Have you felt the demands Adam spoke of?
  • In vs. 15–20, Jesus warns us to watch out for false prophets—those who claim to speak for God but don’t. How can you discern false prophets or teachers? What kinds of fruit are evidence that a leader in the church is serving God, and what kind of fruit suggests otherwise?
  • Read vs. 21–23, where Jesus essentially says, Don’t deceive yourselves into thinking that spiritual works give you a pass into God’s Kingdom. According to Romans 10:9–10, what is salvation?