A Spear and A Carpenter’s Square – Easter 2019

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When Jesus appeared to his disciples, he invited doubting Thomas to do something surprising: place his hands in his wounds. This act of vulnerability on Jesus’ part restored Thomas’ faith. In this Easter sermon, Adam explores the story of Thomas from doubter to martyr and shows how God’s vulnerability—and our own—can transform.

Sermon Discussion Questions

John 20:24–29 (Adam’s sermon, Easter 2019)

  • The gospels record Jesus as having 10 post-resurrection encounters, and none were with large crowds, only disciples and close friends. Does this surprise you?
  • Have you ever missed out on a special shared experience that others had? What was it like? When Jesus first appeared to the disciples following his resurrection, Thomas was absent. What thoughts & feelings might Thomas have been experiencing following the other disciples’ encounter with Jesus?
  • When Jesus appeared a second time to the disciples, he spoke directly to Thomas, inviting him to place his fingers in his wounds. What thoughts & feelings might Thomas have been experiencing during these moments?
  • “While Jesus let his wounds be seen, he wasn’t defined by them,” Adam said. What have you noticed about people who let themselves be defined by their wounds?
  • “We reintroduce who Jesus is when we make ourselves vulnerable,” Adam said, “when we can say, ‘Here are my wounds—put your hand in them. See with your own eyes how God has redeemed them.’” Where do you see Jesus choosing vulnerability here? What about in the gospels at large? Is there anyone in your life whose chosen vulnerability has been redemptive for you or others?
  • Take a moment to be vulnerable with God, trusting that by his wounds we can be healed. Prayerfully consider how he may be calling you to be vulnerable with others.