Anticipate: Learning to Wait

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Is there a difference between waiting and simply passing time? How does waiting prepare our hearts to receive that for which we wait? As we enter the season of Advent, Abby explores how God shapes our faith through waiting and invites us into practices of waiting that can help us inhabit our longing for the coming Christ.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Can you think of something you waited for for a long time? Was it hard to wait, or easy? What helped you to wait? Did God work in you during the time of waiting?
  • In her teaching, Abby mentioned several Old Testament figures who waited on God for something. Who comes to your mind as someone in scripture who waited on God for something? How do you see God using their waiting?
  • How would you define a promise? Reading Hebrews 6:18, what are some of the difference between people’s promises and God’s promises?
  • Throughout the Old Testament era, God gave the people of Israel prophetic pictures of the promised Messiah as signs they could cling to for hope. (Is. 11:1–2, 7:14). What do you cling to for hope while you’re waiting?
  • Have you ever missed something you were waiting for because of a distraction? Are there any distractions in your life that are getting in the way of waiting on God?
  • Abby argued there’s a difference between waiting and passing time. What do you see as the difference?
  • Distractions can numb us, Abby pointed out, but when we inhabit our longing, we become more deeply in touch with what we are waiting for and why we are waiting for it. Do you agree?
  • As Christians, we are waiting for the Second Advent when Christ will restore all things. Some of those things are mentioned in the following verses: Is. 65:17, 11:4a, Ps. 46:4, Rom. 8:21, Rev. 21:4. What aspect of God’s restoration do you most anticipate?
  • Spiritual practices do not earn us favor with God, but they help slow us down and create space in our lives for God. What spiritual practices have been helpful for you in the past? Take a moment to prayerfully consider how God might be inviting you to practice waiting this Advent.