Breakfast with Jesus

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After the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples, some of them returned to fishing, unsure what the future held. Jesus met them there on the shore and served them breakfast. In this sermon, Adam shows us that, more than anything, Jesus wants to spend time with us so that we might know him and the power of his resurrection.

1)      After the resurrected Jesus appeared to the disciples, some of them, not knowing what to do with themselves, returned to fishing. What three adjectives would you use to describe how they might have been feeling?

2)      Have you ever had God meet you in a significant way only to find yourself in a kind of limbo afterward, wondering what’s next? How does the resurrected Jesus, who shows up at the beach and offers a breakfast of cooked fish for the disciples, invite you to think about such times?

3)      When Jesus showed up on the shore and cooked the disciples breakfast, what are some things he did not say? What is significant to you about what he didn’t say?

4)      “Our tendency is to put doing things for God ahead of being with him,” Adam said. Where do you see this tendency at work in your own life, if at all, and what are some of its dangers? How has being with God looked like for you in the past, and in what new ways might God be inviting you to be with him?

5)      The disciples didn’t recognize the resurrected Christ at first, but then eventually realized who was in their midst. Where has God shown up in your life in a way you didn’t at first recognize?