Building a Life on Jesus – The Sermon on the Mount

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In this final sermon of our series on the Sermon on the Mount, Adam invites us to consider what it looks like not just to agree with Jesus’ teachings, but, like the wise builder, to put them into practice. But how can we put them into practice? Adam leads us through three ways to engage Jesus’ teachings, thereby building a solid foundation for our faith.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 7:24 –27

  • Jesus uses the metaphor of house-building to describe the life of faith. How might building a house well inform what it looks like to build a solid life of faith?
  • “Once we realize we belong to an unshakable kingdom,” Adam said, “our everyday moments—even our trials and tribulations—take on new meaning because we’re building something eternal with them.” How has your life with God impacted the way you think about or navigate everyday moments? What about tribulations?
  • Soul training exercises, including prayer, solitude, silence, fellowship, confession, scripture reading, meditation, gratitude, generosity, & fasting, help us build a life with Jesus. Have any of these been particularly helpful to you in your walk with Jesus lately? Is there one God might be inviting you to pursue him through?
  • You can try to run a marathon, but if you haven’t trained, the end result will not be good. “When building my life around Jesus & his teachings becomes frustrating, it’s probably because I’m trying and not training,” Adam said. Where do you feel frustration in your life or walk with God? What might it look like for you to move from trying to training?
  • “We’ll never be able to build a life on Jesus & his teachings apart from the Holy Spirit,” Adam said. Read John 14:26. What does/might it look like for you to partner with the Holy Spirit in building a life with Jesus?