Building Strong

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Everyone is an architect: we design and build our lives around the choices we make. Jesus had a lot to say about how we build our lives. In this sermon, Adam explores three important questions that will help us build strong: What will you build on? What will you build with? What will it cost? 

Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Adam shared a story about building on sand when he was making some life decisions in his early 20s. Read Matt. 7:24–27. Have you ever built on sand? Have you observed people around you building on sand?
  • “You’ll always build what you care about,” Adam pointed out. “What we care about,” he mentioned, “we are willing to sacrifice for.” In your life, what do you sacrifice for?
  • Reading Phil. 4:8, consider the repeated word What is the significance of this word to you? What things, specifically, might God be inviting you to think about that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable?
  • “Too often, we are waiting for God to send building materials, when, all along, they’ve been right in front of us,” Adam said. Do you ever find yourself believing the false narrative that your building materials haven’t arrived yet? What building materials are presently at your disposal?
  • Now consider the word “think” in Phil. 4:8. “We build with what we think about,” Adam said. What do you spend the majority of your time thinking about?
  • Read Luke 14:28–29. Have you ever done something without first counting the cost? Why do you think it’s important to count the cost of what you’re building, spiritually speaking? What are some of the dangers of not counting the cost?
  • “Our hopes and dreams aren’t meant to be an escape from our lives, but the building materials of our lives,” Adam argued. Do you agree?
  • Read 1 Cor. 3:10–13 and take a few moments to prayerfully consider what you are building with your life. Is the foundation solid? What materials are you using? If you are stalled, waiting for materials, ask God to show you what materials are already at your disposal.