Daniel Chapter 2

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When Daniel and his friends face death at the king’s hand because no one can interpret the king’s dream, we see Daniel display unusual discernment, engage in covenant friendship, and rely in faith on the power of prayer. What can we learn from his example about faith, friendship, and what it means to plant our identity squarely in the Kingdom of God? 

Sermon Discussion Questions

Daniel 2 (Ian’s sermon, 9/30/18)

  • On reading Daniel 2, what surprises, intrigues, encourages, or disturbs you?
  • Ian pointed out that Daniel displayed discretion and discernment. Where do you see evidence of this? Do you find it challenging to be discerning or to show and discretion?
  • While Daniel was gracious to everyone, he was also intentional about surrounding himself with good people. What do you notice about his relationship with his friends? How do they serve each other, depend on each other, or encourage each other? Do you have friends you can similarly depend on?
  • Ian confessed that when he is in the midst of tensions and complexities, he often forgets to pray. What are the things you turn to in tension or when life gets complex—Fun? Netflix? Ice cream? Gossip?
  • Read verses 20–23. How do these verses stand out from the rest of the narrative? What is their significance to you? Notice which verses relate to who God is and which relate to what God did for Daniel.
  • In interpreting the king’s dream, Daniel points out that kingdoms come and go, but the Kingdom of God will remain. “When people tie their identity to a certain nation, kingdom, or political party, they are locating their identity in a temporary human construction,” Ian said. Where do you see this happening in the world around you? Do you see any evidence of this in the church at large?
  • The Kingdom of God was established not by military conquest, but by a cross, Ian explained. Take a few moments to ask God for strength to follow the way of the cross and to be planted fully in the Kingdom of God, not in kingdoms that will pass away.