Daniel Chapter 3

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When we don’t bow down to the things our culture worships, people notice, and that’s what happened to three Hebrew exiles in Babylon who refused to bow to a gold statue and faced the threat of death in a fiery furnace as a result. What gave them the strength to honor God when the stakes were so high? How does their story speak life in a post-Christian world?

 Sermon Discussion Questions

Daniel 3 (Adam’s sermon, 10/7/18)

  • Reading Daniel chapter 3, what stands out to you?
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refuse to bow down to the gold statue the king erects, and because of this, they are noticed. “When you don’t bow down to the things your culture worships,” Adam remarked, “you’ll stand out.” Have you seen or experienced this in your life or seen it in the lives of others?
  • “Our culture constantly pressures us to bow down to idols,” said Adam. (Idol = anything we put above God.) What do you feel pressure from our culture to “bow down to”?
  • When the king threatens the men with death, they declare: “We do not need to defend ourselves.” When someone questions or threatens your faith, how do you tend to respond? “Sometimes not defending yourself is the real faith indicator,” Adam said. Do you agree?
  • They also declare, “The God whom we serve is able to deliver us.” Where does such strong faith come from? When you don’t feel your faith is strong, what do you do? Read Romans 10:17. Have you experienced the truth of this verse at work in your life?
  • S. Lewis said, “Strong faith in a weak branch is inferior to weak faith in a strong branch.” What might it look like to have strong faith in a weak branch, and what are the dangers of this? Have you ever experienced having weak faith in a strong branch? What was that like?
  • Finally, the men declare: “Even if our God doesn’t rescue us, we still won’t bow down. Have you ever made an “even if…” declaration of faith, even if just to your own heart?
  • What kind of declaration of faith do you need to make? Read Is. 43:1–3 and thank God for his ability to defend & deliver, but especially his promise to be with us forever.