Daniel Chapter 7

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In Daniel’s vision of four beasts, God speaks in the language of symbolism about kingdoms rising and falling and the coming of a son of man. In the gospels, Jesus reveals himself as the Son of Man. In this sermon, Ian paints a picture of what it looks like when selfishness and arrogance make individuals and societies beast-like, and what it means to follow Jesus, the true human, who alone can transform.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Looking back over this sermon series on Daniel so far, is there a particular moment or theme in the Daniel narrative that has stood out to you and brought encouragement, or a particular teaching point that has particularly challenged you or stayed with you?
  • Throughout Scripture, God speaks to people through dreams, as he spoke to Daniel through a dream in chapter 7. Have you ever had a dream that felt meaningful, perhaps even one that God was speaking to you through? What led you to believe that it was from God?
  • In Daniel’s dream, God speaks to him through symbols. Where else in the scriptures does God speak or reveal himself through images and symbols? (Try to come up with a list.) Has God ever spoken to you through an image or symbol? What led you to believe that it was God speaking?
  • Reading Daniel 7, what stands out to you, intrigues you, surprises you, or disturbs you? Do you find this narrative hope-giving? Why or why not?
  • Read Matthew 26:62 – 64 and Daniel 7:13 – 14. Where do you see overlap in these verses? Where do you see irony? Do these verses help you see Jesus in new ways at all?
  • When humans arrogantly exalt themselves, caring only about their own impulses, they become beast-like, Ian argued. This can be seen on a level of kingdoms and societies, not just individuals. Have you seen this dynamic at play? How do you tend to respond? (Fear, apathy, anger, activism, cynicism, prayer?)
  • We all have a little bit of a 10-horned beast in us, Ian argued, but Christ died so that we can be transformed by the love of God and become (like him) truly human. To your mind, what does it look like to be truly human?
  • Take a moment to pray for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth as it is in in heaven.