Daniel Chapters 8-12

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Daniel lived in the tension of belonging to God’s eternal kingdom while still operating in the context of earthly kingdoms, and when that tension became intense, his strong hope kept him faithful. Adam wraps up the sermon series on Daniel by taking us through the powerful visions God gives Daniel in the closing chapters of the book and providing a model for prayer based on Daniel’s approach to prayer.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Read Daniel 9:1–19, Daniel’s prayer in response to Jeremiah’s prophecy about the desolation and restoration of Jerusalem (see also Jeremiah 25:11–12, 29:10). What are your first impressions of this prayer? Does any particular sentence or phrase stand out? Why?
  2. Adam pointed out that Daniel’s prayer follows a particular pattern: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, & supplication. Which of these do you tend to emphasize in your prayers? Which do you tend to de-emphasize? Have you adopted or experimented with particular patterns of prayer in your own prayer life? Have they been helpful?
  3. Read Daniel 10:10–14 and Ephesians 6:12. What do you find encouraging or surprising in these passages? Do they make you think about prayer any differently? How so?
  4. Daniel lived in the tension of belonging to God’s eternal kingdom while still operating in the context of earthly kingdoms. As Adam pointed out, he didn’t run away from that tension, but embraced it. When do you experience that tension the most, and how well do you do navigating it? What does it look like in your life when you are navigating that tension poorly? What does it look like when you are navigating it well?
  5. Looking back over the book of Daniel, would you describe Daniel as a man of hope? Why or why not? Do you agree with Adam that “Hope in God leads to faithfulness?”
  6. How would you rate yourself in terms of hopefulness? Would you describe hope as an emotion you have, a moral conviction, a way of thinking, or in some other way? Where do you think Daniel’s hope came from?
  7. Take a moment to pray according to the ACTS pattern of Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9—adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication—intentionally addressing God according to each of these four modes of prayer.