Do You Believe? – Conversations with Jesus

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“I am the resurrection and the life,” Jesus tells Martha and Mary when their brother Lazarus dies. “Do you believe this?” He asks. In this sermon, Adam explores what resurrection life is and when it starts, and he asks us the same important question.

  Sermon Discussion Questions

John 11:1 – 43  || Adam’s sermon || 2/9/20

  • In this passage, there are several instances where people misunderstood Jesus’ words. Who do you see misunderstanding Jesus’s words, and where? How does Jesus handle the misunderstandings in this passage? Have you ever been confused by God’s words before?
  • When Jesus arrived after Lazarus’s death, Martha said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” What do you imagine her tone of voice sounded like? Have you ever experienced disappointment with God?
  • For those who place their trust in Jesus, Adam pointed out, “The life of the age to come doesn’t begin when we die; Jesus invites us to experience the life of the age to come right now.” How is this way of thinking similar to or different from your own, or the way you have been brought up to think? Have you seen evidence of the life of the age to come in your own life or in other’s lives?
  • Because of the resurrection life we have in Christ, death though it may warrant grief, is ultimately incidental, Adam argued. How do you tend to think about death? How might God, through this passage and Adam’s teaching about it, be inviting you to think about death?
  • Take a few moments to consider Jesus’ question to Martha: Do you believe?When you are ready, let God know your response. If you don’t believe but wish to, ask him to give you the faith to believe and to say, with Martha, “Yes, Lord, I believe.”