God, The All-Vulnerable (Trinity – Week 3)

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God is Almighty, but surprisingly, he is also all-vulnerable. In this sermon on the Trinity, Abby explores what it looks like be bear the image of a vulnerable God well.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 26:36–39 || Abby’s sermon || 11/17/19

  • Abby defined vulnerability as the willingness to risk pain on the basis of love. Can you think of examples of vulnerability in your life or another’s that fit this definition? In what ways are these particular examples of vulnerability also examples of strength?
  • Reading Matthew 26:36–39, what surprises you, comforts you, intrigues you, or disturbs you about Jesus’ vulnerability before God and his disciples?
  • Lament (the expression of great sorrow and deep sadness before God), is a critical, though overlooked part of Christian life, Abby argued. Do you agree? Where have you seen lament done well, and where have you seen it done poorly or ignored? What do you think we miss out on when we fail to engage lament?
  • In Matthew 26:36–39, James, John, and Peter are present to Jesus in his sorrows as trusted friends. What does it mean to you to be present to someone, or to have someone be present to you? Can you think of someone who has given you the gift of their presence? In what ways has their gift of presence born fruit?
  • Vulnerability before God, Abby said, is simply being honest with yourself about yourself before God. What is on your heart that you haven’t taken the time to share, or fully share, with God? Take a few moments, or set aside time later in the day, to be honest with yourself about yourself before God, knowing that he values everything you choose to share with him.