Hidden Treasure and the Costly Pearl – The Kingdom of God

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If the Kingdom of God is hidden, how are we to find it? What does faith look like when it is motivated by joy? Can grace be free, yet also costly? These are some of the questions Ian asks as he explores Jesus’ teaching in the parable of the hidden treasure and the parable of the pearl of great price.

kingdom of god


Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 13:44–46  (Ian’s sermon, 10/6/19)

  • In his sermon, Ian said, “Perhaps the beginning of the answer to the prayer, your kingdom come, starts with an expansion in our capacity to imagine.” Do you agree? How has your vision of the kingdom been expanding over the years, or over the course of this sermon series? What was your vision of the Kingdom in the past, and how is your vision today different?
  • The man who found hidden treasure in the field quite literally stumbled on it. Have you ever stumbled on evidence of the kingdom, noticing it in surprising places? What is one surprising place in which you have noticed evidence of the Kingdom of God?
  • Grace is free, but it isn’t cheap. It cost Jesus everything, and in a sense, it costs us everything, too. In these two parables, both protagonists have to sell everything in order to buy the object representing the kingdom (the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price). Where have you experienced a cost to following Christ?
  • “As we are awakened to and discover the joy of the Kingdom of God, we become a people who are compelled and motivated by joy,” Ian argued. Where have you noticed joy as evidence of the kingdom in your life or another’s life? To what extent would you say joy is a motivating factor in your life?
  • Where might God be speaking to you through these two parables? Take a few moments to be quiet before him, and when you are ready, talk to him about what these parables bring up for you.