Jesus and the Paralyzed Man – Conversations with Jesus

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When some men bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus to heal him, Jesus forgives the man’s sins—unasked for—and only secondly heals him. In this sermon, Ian points out that when we encounter Jesus, he always addresses us as whole people—body and soul—speaking redemption into our lives with authority and love. How can we be like Jesus, caring for the whole person? And how can we be like the paralytic’s friends, bringing our friends to the One who heals and restores?

  Sermon Discussion Questions

Luke 5:17 – 26 || Ian’s sermon || 1/26/20

1)      In his conversation with a paralytic, Jesus goes deep right away, and he speaks with the authority of one who can forgive sins. In fact, he forgives the man’s sins—unasked for—even before healing his body. Does this comfort you or make you uncomfortable? Why?

2)      In his sermon, Ian defined sin as “turning away from the good that God intends for you and the world.” Using this definition, where do you see evidence of sin in the world around you? What about in your own life?

3)      Like the paralytic, are there ways or moments in which you have experienced being carried to Jesus by friends?

4)      One way we can carry others to Jesus, Ian said, is by asking a simple, honest, direct question to a friend such as How is your soul? or Where are you experiencing brokenness and longing for healing? It can also look like listening well to someone. Has someone ever asked you a question or listened to you well in a way that brought you closer to Jesus?

5)      Who is someone you might listen well to this week, or what is a question you might ask someone you care about this week that could help carry them to Jesus?

6)      Where in your life do you need to hear Jesus say, “Your sins are forgiven” or “Pick up your stretcher and walk”? Take a moment to let God go deep with you, letting him speak these words over you with redemptive authority and in the fullness of his love.