Jesus’ Baptism

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If baptism is a picture of repentance, why was Jesus baptized, since he was sinless? In this sermon, Ian explores Jesus’ baptism as “a fulfillment of all righteousness” and shares the good news about what this fulfillment means for us.

Discussion Questions

1) Imagine you are a bystander at Jesus’ baptism, overhearing the conversation between John and Jesus and witnessing Jesus being baptized. What are you noticing? What surprises you, intrigues you, or gives you hope?

2) “Repent” means to turn away from and to turn to, to have a change of mind. How might baptism work hand in hand with repentance?

3) Baptism is a picture of being immersed in a Kingdom reality, the reality that we are beloved daughters and sons of God made righteous through Jesus.. What might keep a person, even a believer, from realizing or entering the fullness of this reality? Do any false narratives come to mind?

Prayer Prompt

What is one thing that has been keeping you from stepping into the fullness of the Kingdom reality?  Take a moment to pray that these obstacles would no longer hold power in preventing us from knowing our belovedness and receiving the free gift of righteousness made available to us through Jesus.