Journey (Wisdom for the Way) – Stages of the Journey

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Just as there are stages in a physical journey, so there are stages in our journey with God. In this sermon, Adam gives an overview of the Exodus and lays out five stages in our walk with God, showing how God uniquely uses each one to deepen our faith. 

Sermon Discussion Questions

Exodus 1–14

  • When in your life was everything comfortable, restful, and fruitful? What did your faith look like? The Israelites were comfortable in Egypt, but then a king came into power who enslaved them (Ex. 1:7–9). What, if anything, has interrupted the Comfortable Stage in your life?
  • “Until we walk with God through the Awareness Stage, becoming aware of our dis-ease, we’re not open to leaving what we know to be led by God into something new,” Adam said. Have you ever hesitated to leave behind the familiar to be led by God into something new? (Ex.3:7–8).
  • During the Adventure Stage, we can’t wait to follow God into something new because we’ve seen miraculous intervention or provision, just as God delivered the Israelites out of Pharaoh’s hand. Have you experienced this stage of great enthusiasm & optimism? What did your faith look like, and how did you grow?
  • God led the Israelites to the Red Sea in a roundabout way (Ex. 13:17–18). During the Roundabout Stage, God takes his time with us, knowing we’re not quite ready for the challenges ahead. What has this stage looked like for you? What was hard or frustrating? What did you learn?
  • The Israelites faced adversity, but God opened the Red Sea (Ex. 14:12–31). During the Adversity Stage, we learn how to rely on God in impossible situations. When have you experienced this stage? How was God at work?
  • Are you experiencing one of these five stages currently? What is God teaching you in your current stage?