Joy is Slow – Advent (Week 4)

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Joy is at the heart of Advent and Christmas, but hurry is incompatible with joy. In this sermon, Adam explores the difference between happiness and joy, shows how Sabbath rest can help us delight in God’s goodness, and offers three practical ways we can slow down in order to safeguard joy this season.

  Sermon Discussion Questions

Lk. 2:10, Heb. 12:2 || Adam’s sermon || 12/22/19

1)      How would you define joy? Would you say that happiness and joy are the same or different? If they’re not the same, how are they different?

2)      “Joy is much sturdier than happiness because it isn’t dependent on circumstances,” Adam said. Do you agree? Have you ever experienced joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances? What did that look or feel like?

3)      “Hurry isn’t just a disorganized schedule, it’s a disordered heart,” argues John Ortberg. As Adam put it, hurry can mask discontentment. Have you ever been in a hurry even though you weren’t actually short on time?

4)      One way the Bible invites us to slow down is by taking Sabbath seriously. When was the last time you experienced a truly restful Sabbath? What helped you to slow down? Where did you experience joy or delight?

5)      This week, here are three ways you might intentionally slow down: 1) Plan a day of Sabbath this coming week. 2) Simplify your material life by decluttering a room, closet, or workspace, perhaps starting a Goodwill box. 3) Place a notebook and pen on your nightstand, and write the best part of your day in it at the end of the day. Keep it there to read and be reminded of in the morning and when you go to bed.