Lament in Light of God’s Love and Justice – Lamentations 2

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“Lament isn’t an admission of weak faith; it’s an admission that we need God.” In this sermon, Adam leads us in a close reading of Lamentations 2, where God’s love and justice intertwine in ways that leave the people of Israel unable to remain complacent.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Lamentations 2  || Adam’s sermon || 3/8/20

  1. “Lament draws attention to things in our world that just shouldn’t be and gives a sacred dignity to human suffering,” said Adam. Have you ever observed lament giving a sacred dignity to human suffering?

  2. “Lament isn’t an admission of weak faith,” Adam argued. “It’s the exact opposite: an admission that we need God.” How does this understanding of lament compare with how you have thought of lament before, or how you sense contemporary Christian culture, more broadly, treats lament?

  3. God’s anger, expressed in this chapter, is a picture of his justice, which is intertwined with his love. Adam asked, “If a parent continually allows one child to be abusive to another, is the parent loving?” Can you think of an example of justice intertwined with love your own life or in the world around you?

  4. Adam paraphrased vs. 18 as “Don’t be complacent.” What are some of the dangers of complacency?

  5. In this chapter, the narrator questions God. Scripture doesn’t prohibit us from questioning God, but actually invites us to. Is there something you have been needing to question God about, but haven’t? Take a moment to do that, knowing he makes room for your grief and questioning and will meet you there.