Learning to Lament – Lamentations 1

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We live in a culture of denial, so lament can seem foreign, but what if the practice of lament can actually deepen our faith and hope? In this sermon, Ian kicks off our sermon series on Lamentations and invites us to consider what lament looks like in biblical times and now, and why it is imperative in the life of faith.

 Sermon Discussion Questions

Lamentations 1 || Ian’s sermon || 3/1/20

  • “We live in a culture of denial. So lament and grief seem foreign,” Ian pointed out toward the beginning of his sermon. Do you agree? Where do you see grief/lament in our culture—or the lack thereof? What, in your opinion, are some of the effects of this denial?
  • The Book of Lamentations grieves the destruction of Jerusalem described in 2 Kings 24–25. What do you lament in the world around you?
  • Sometimes, lament looks like anger, Ian pointed out. Where do you see anger in Lamentations 1? Where do you see lament manifesting as anger in the world around you, or even in your own life?
  • “What if lament and grief aren’t things that separate us from faith and hope, but are practices that can actually deepen our faith and hope?”Ian asked. Do you tend to think of grief and lament as drawing a person closer to God, or pushing them away? How has lament affected your own relationship with God? Has grieving in any way helped you to hope?
  • Are you lamenting something today or in this season of life, or is God inviting you to lament? What keeps you from lamenting? Take a few moments in God’s presence to sit with what it is you lament. You may wish to start by asking God to help you to lament.