Making Space for God

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JOSHUA 3:1-4 (NKJ)  

Discussion Questions:

  • When you imagine the Hebrew people following a half mile behind the Ark of the Covenant as the priests carried it into the Jordan river, what emotions, behaviors, and conversations do you think they may have had?
  • Going “a way you’ve never gone before” can be anxiety inducing at times. How might engaging community help alleviate some of that anxiety while you’re making space for God?
  • Where in your own life are you needing to make more space for God this week?


PRAYER PROMPT: We invite you to join us in praying for the church and our Vision Team as we discern where God wants to lead us as a church. Here are few specific things we’d love prayer for!

  • How to best carry out Jesus’ mission during this season of displacement
  • Future worship space so we can practice the way of Jesus together
  • Finances so we can continue to fund the good work God is doing in our region
  • Wisdom for our Vision Team = Mark Pettersen, Jessica Bickford, Jon Ayers, Tasha Lehman, Ian Bailey, Abby Carroll, Adam Avery