Nor Could the Scroll

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If God transcends human understanding, how can we connect with him? In this sermon, our friend Kevin Fitton invites us to approach God with humility, honor our limitations, and be active seekers of the one who is able to reveal himself to us.

Sermon discussion questions:

  1. What is one aspect of creation that you are unable to wrap your mind around, but which you find interesting, for instance the speed of light or the size of an atom? 
  2. In Colossians 1:15–16, we read that God is both visible and invisible; in other words, there are things we can know about God and things we can’t know about him. How do you typically respond to the tension between knowing and not knowing? Do you tend to embrace the fact that God is knowable, or do you tend to embrace the fact that God is beyond our comprehension?
  3. What are some of the dangers of failing to embrace our limitations when it comes to understanding God? How might knowing and embracing our limitations be helpful or good? 
  4. Finding God isn’t easy, Kevin pointed out, and sometimes God shows up in surprising places. What surprising places have you found God in? Where are some places you haven’t tried looking for God, but should?