Peace is Slow – Advent (week 3)

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When we hurry, we tend not to notice God’s presence, even though it surrounds us. Thankfully, the shepherds of Bethlehem weren’t in a hurry on the night Jesus was born. In this sermon, Adam argues that peace is incompatible with hurry and gives us three ways to slow down this Advent.

  Sermon Discussion Questions

Luke 2:14; Isaiah 9:6 – 7a || Adam’s sermon || 12/15/19

  • Looking over your past week, when did you experience hurry, and when did you experience slowness?
  • God chose to announce the savior’s birth to a group of shepherds. In what ways do you think the shepherds, who led a slow and attentive lifestyle, may have been poised to pay attention to what God was doing?
  • When you hear the word peace, what comes to mind? Has your understanding of peace changed over time? How does your understanding of peace compare to the Hebrew concept of peace, or shalom,which means wholeness, or completeness, where nothing is missing and everything is in alignment?
  • “God is omnipresent, meaning he’s everywhere,” Adam pointed out. “This means that if we’re unaware of his presence, the problem lies with us, not him, and it probably has a great deal to do with our hurried lifestyle.” Do you agree?
  • In what ways do you think hurry might prevent us from being aware of God’s presence?
  • This week, take time to intentionally slow down. Here are three ways: 1) Make your smartphone dumb again for an entire day. 2) Take five minutes to be silent in God’s presence. 3) For the coming week, drive only as fast as the speed limit, and not faster.