Salt of the Earth, Light of the World – The Sermon on the Mount

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Jesus doesn’t say that as his followers we oughtto be the salt of the earth and the light of the world; he says we already are. Does this mean doing good works, letting people see our hope and faith—or both? In this teaching, Abby explores the meanings of salt and light and shares what she has been learning about serving others.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Jesus used the image of salt to describe what it means to be his disciple. What functions and qualities does salt have, and how do those functions and qualities help you better understand what it means to follow Jesus?
  • Jesus also used the metaphor of light to describe his disciples. List all the things you can think of that light does. Do the functions and qualities of light shed light for you (no pun intended) on what it means to follow Jesus?
  • Can you think of someone in your life who, as a follower of Jesus, manifests the qualities of salt and light? What about that person makes them salt or light?
  • Take a moment to consider the key word “Let” in verse 16. What are the implications of this word? How does this word fall on your ears?
  • What keeps you from letting your light shine? Do particular obstacles get in the way? What bushels do you tend to hide your light under?
  • Per Matt 5:13–16, we are part of God’s redemptive plan for the world. How does that make you feel?
  • When it comes to serving others, “Little things are big things,” Abby said. Do you agree? What little thing has someone done for you that turned out to be a big thing?
  • Read Luke 14:12–14. Have you ever served someone who could not repay you, or been served by someone whom you could not repay? Describe the experience.
  • What have you gained personally in your experience of serving others? Imagine that from this point forward, you don’t serve anyone for the rest of your life. How would you be the poorer?
  • Take a moment to prayerfully consider in what ways and contexts God might be calling you to let your light shine this week as well as looking ahead more generally.