Seeds – The Kingdom of God

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What can we learn about the Kingdom of God from a seed? In this sermon, Adam investigates the nature of seeds and what they tell us about the Kingdom. He also looks at two common mistakes in approaching spiritual growth and invites us to be attentive to God’s slow but sure kingdom work around and in us.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Mark 4:26–32 (Adam’s sermon, 10/13/19)

  • What are some things that are true about seeds, and what are some things that are true about the process of seeds growing into plants? What do you think Jesus wanted to communicate by comparing the Kingdom of God to a seed in these two parables?
  • Though it looks different from the plant it will become, a seed is indeed part of that plant. Similarly, Adam said, “One of the miracles of following Jesus is that we’re becoming who we already are.” In what ways have you become more of who you already are in following Jesus?
  • A common mistake when it comes to spiritual growth is taking too much credit for what God is doing in our lives, Adam argued. Where have you seen spiritual growth in your life over the years? What would you like to thank God for when it comes to the ways you have grown?
  • A second mistake related to spiritual growth is having unrealistic expectations, leading to frustration. In what ways have you set yourself up for disappointment by holding to unrealistic expectations? How do the seed parables in this passage speak to those frustrations?
  • Like a seed, the Kingdom of God is not in a hurry. “Sometimes the best way to catch up with God is to slow ourselves down,” Adam said. Where do you feel you need to slow down? What makes it hard for you to slow down? Take a few moments now, or at your earliest convenience, to slow down with God, paying attention to what he is doing in you and what he is inviting you into.