Seven Letters to the Church: Revelation 2:12 – 17

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Abby continues our series on Revelation 1-3 called 7 Letters to the Church. Life wasn’t easy for the church of Pergamum, and, perhaps for the sake of expediency, some believers chose to worship pagan gods and the emperor alongside Christ. In this sermon, Abby invites us to consider what false gods we see those around us worshipping or are sometimes tempted to worship ourselves.

If you would like to explore the sermon deeper, here are some Sermon Discussion Questions: Revelation 2:12 – 17

Placing yourself in the shoes of the Pergamum Christians—who would have experienced pressure to join in their society’s worship of the emperor and the pagan gods, and who had seen their brother in the faith, Antipas, martyred—what feelings might you have experienced listening to Jesus’ message in vs. 12 – 13? Does anything in these words stand out to you?

Some in the Pergamum church followed false teachings that it was OK to worship Christ and pagan gods, Christ and Caesar. What “gods” do you see Christians tempted to worship in our day besides Christ? Are there “gods” you have been tempted to worship besides Christ? How do you know if you are worshipping another “god”?

What do you think the image of Jesus as one with a double-edged sword would have meant to the Pergamum church? What does it mean to you?

Take a few moments to close your eyes and consider what God is speaking to you through this passage. Is there a need for repentance? Is there a particular encouragement for you? Take a few moments also to imagine Jesus giving you a stone with your new name on it, or offering you manna hidden away for you in heaven.