Seven Letters to the Church: Revelation 2:18 – 25

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Adam continues our series “7 Letters to the Church” from the book of Revelation. It’s common for churches to lean toward one of two extremes: to love well or to hold fast to truth. But Jesus asks us to do both. In this sermon on Jesus’ message to the Church at Thyatira, Adam explores what it looks like to speak truth in love.

If you would like to explore the sermon deeper, here are some Sermon Discussion Questions: Revelation 2:18 – 25
1) In Revelation 2:18, Jesus is described as having eyes like blazing fire and feet like burnished bronze (bronze historically symbolized justice). How might these images have been encouraging or challenging to the church at Thyatira, and how are they encouraging or challenging to you today?
2) Some churches love well but don’t do a good job holding fast to truth, while other churches hold fast to truth but don’t love well. What is problematic about each of these approaches?
3) What obstacles have prevented you from speaking truth in love in the past, and what have you learned from your own experience or from watching others about how to speak the truth in love well?
4) In contrast to Gnosticism (which downplays the material world as meaningless or even evil), Christianity teaches that what we do with our bodies affects our souls and vice versa. If this is true, what might be some of the implications for eating, sexual relations, rest, or other physical activities?

5) Take a moment to prayerfully consider whether there is something you’ve been tolerating that is negatively affecting your soul, or whether there is something that has been harmful to others that you need to stop tolerating and respond to by speaking truth in love.