Seven Letters to the Church: Revelation 3:7-13

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Ian continues our series “7 Letters to the Church” from the book of Revelation Jesus opens a door no one can shut, and he closes a door no one can open. In this sermon, Ian explores Jesus’ encouraging promises to the Church at Philadelphia, which, having suffered loss, still found ways to do good works and remain rooted in their faith.

Sermon Discussion Questions – Revelation 3:7 – 13

1)      The City of Philadelphia suffered devastating earthquakes but did not receive the same amount of aid other cities did. Residents knew what it meant to be displaced, living in temporary shelter. Knowing this history, how might have Jesus’ words fallen on the ears of the Philadelphian church? What images or promises stand out?

2)      Jesus is the One who opens a door no one can shut, and who shuts a door no one can open. Can you think of any moments in scripture when Jesus opened a door no one could shut, or when he shut a door no one could open? Where have you seen him open or close doors in your own life?

3)      The Church of Philadelphia had “little power,” yet they still engaged in good works. How might this be instructive or encouraging to us, to you?

4)      Take a moment to thank Jesus for opening the door of the Kingdom to you, a door that no one can close. Are there other doors in your life you need for him open or close?