Sing a New Song

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“Sing a new song to the Lord,” scripture says, but how do we do that when we are discouraged and apart? And what if we don’t like to sing? In this sermon, Ian explores how song can shed light on our journeys, subvert cultural expectations, and strengthen our faith in Christ.

Here are some sermon discussion questions if you would like to engage the sermon more deeply:

1) Singing is mentioned frequently in the Psalms (see Psalm 96:1 – 6). It is also an important part of our gatherings as a church body. What place does singing and song have in your life? In your worship? During the pandemic?

2) In his sermon, Ian said, “I have had a hard time worshipping and singing during the last season, but I have been able to sing one song, a 90’s gospel song: No weapon by Fred Hammond.” Is there a particular song you have been coming back to during the past days, weeks, or months? If so, which, and what in or about that song has been most meaningful to you?

3) Worship pastor Troy Hatfield says, “Singing together is a culturally subversive act of mutual submission.” What do you think he means by “subversive”? How might singing be an act of mutual submission?

4) “I wonder if songs, both ancient and new, help us find our way together,” Ian mentioned. How have songs sung corporately in a worship context or engaged on your own marked your journey, shed light on your path, or helped you understand who you are in God?