The Ascension – The Book of Acts 1:1-11

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Adam launches our new series going through the Book of Acts. Adam introduces the book and goes through the first 11 verses. Explaining how the Book of Acts is relevant to our vision statement Re-Introducing Jesus in Vermont.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Acts 1:1–11, 1-7-18

1.      In his sermon, Adam pointed out that the Book of Acts is the story of how the disciples became Jesus’s witness and how they went about reintroducing Jesus in their day. Our vision statement as a church is Reintroducing Jesus in Vermont. Can you think of a time when you were reintroduced to Jesus in a life-giving way? Do you think that being reintroduced to Jesus is a one-time experience, or something that is continual?

2.      Read Luke 1:1–4 and Acts 1:1–2. How does the opening verses of the Gospel of Luke relate to the opening verses of the Book of Acts? Does reading the opening verses of Luke change the way you approach or think about the Book of Acts in any way?

3.      What does the disciples’ question and the Lord’s response in Acts 1:6–8 suggest about their understanding of Jesus and his Kingdom? How is Jesus’s kingdom different from the kingdom the disciples are anticipating? Does their question surprise you? If so, why?

4.      What do you think the disciples may have been thinking as they watched their friend and Lord ascend into heaven, and as the two men in white spoke to them of his return (verses 9 – 11)? If you had been one of the disciples, what might you have been thinking?

5.      In his sermon, Adam said, “You and I need to remember that as followers of Jesus, we’re not following him by ourselves. We’ve been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Do you see any evidence of the disciples’ need for the Holy Spirit in the first eleven verses of Acts 1? Have you ever felt like you were following Jesus alone? Take a moment to invite the Spirit to help you follow Jesus.