The Jailer’s Baptism

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What happens when a jailer who is about to take his life is rescued by his prisoners, who end up putting their own lives on the line for him? The jailer gets baptized! In the sermon, Abby continues our series on baptism, looking at the dramatic events of Acts 16:23-34.

Acts 16:23–34 

Discussion Questions

  1. What words would you use to describe how the jailer might have felt during various moments of this story?
  2. What stands out to you as surprising, unexpected, or counterintuitive in this story? 
  3. Imagine what it was like for the jailer to be baptized by his former prisoners. How might the experience of being baptized have helped him?

Prayer Prompt: Is there an area of your life where, like Paul and Silas, God is inviting you to stay for the sake of others? Or is there an area of your life where, like the Jailer, God is inviting you to leave behind something old and embrace something new?