The Parable of Leaven- The Kingdom of God

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When you leaven dough, a significant transformation takes place, but it is slow, silent, and mysterious. In this sermon on the parable of the leaven, Adam shows how the Kingdom of God is powerfully, but often invisibly at work, and he describes what deep, sustainable transformation can look like in our lives.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 13:33 (Adam’s sermon, 9/29/19)

  • When it comes to the function of yeast in leavening dough to bake bread, Adam described the process as a slow, silent, steady process of transformation. What intrigues or surprises you about the way yeast works? What does this image suggest to you about the nature and qualities of the Kingdom of God?
  • In what ways might this image of the Kingdom have been counterintuitive for people listening to Jesus teach? Do you see Jesus’ image of the Kingdom as yeast in dough aligning with or contrasting to the image that the modern American church has of the Kingdom?
  • Adam said that in our lives, sustainable change happens when our behaviors are a result of our values, not of a behavior modification program. What is your experience with behavior modification? Have you ever pressured yourself into doing or not doing certain things? Did it work? Did it backfire? Was change sustainable?
  • Adam shared a story about when his prayer life felt like he was just going through the motions. He could have pressured himself to just pray more, but instead he started reading a book of daily prayers, which renewed and transformed his experience of prayer. Have you ever experienced lasting transformation in an area of your life? What sparked it? What made it sustainable?
  • Where do you long for transformation in your life today? Take a moment to pray, trusting in the silent, mysterious, but sure work of the Kingdom of God inside you.