The Parable of the Great Banquet – The Kingdom of God

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What excuses stand in the way of receiving and responding to God’s invitations in our lives? In this sermon, Ian explores God’s unparalleled generosity and joy, paints a picture of what a Kingdom of God community looks like, and reminds us that there is a place for us—and everyone—at the table.  

Sermon Discussion Questions

 (Luke 14:15–24, Ian’s sermon, 10/27/19) 

  1. Reading the Parable of the Great Banquet, what surprises you, intrigues you, comforts you, or disturbs you? 
  2. What are some basic, common conceptions of God, especially outside of the church? How does the banquet host in this parable differ from these conceptions of God?
  3. “The God that Jesus reveals in the Kingdom parables is not one of scarcity and stringency, but of unparalleled generosity and joy,” Ian argued. In what ways do you see/treat God as a God of scarcity or stringency? In what ways do you see/treat him (or would you like to see/treat him) as a God of unparalleled generosity and joy?
  4. “The moment a community is a reflection of moral principles, ideas, and even theology—and not a reflection of the joyfully generous God—that community is a community shaped in its own image, not the image of God,” Ian argued. Have you ever observed this kind of community? What are some of the dangers of building community on moral principles, ideas, and even theology instead of on the joyfully generous God?
  5. In this parable, everyone is invited to the banquet, but only some people come. What stands in the way of receiving the invitations of God in your own life? Are there certain excuses you fall back on? Take a moment to prayerfully consider your go-to excuses. If you are willing, ask God to help you step beyond your excuses and approach the banquet table of his grace.