The Way of the Cross

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Jesus laid down his life not for an idea or a cause, but for his friends. In this sermon, Ian brings us to the cross to behold Jesus’ ultimate work of salvation—the place where we can begin to see ourselves as God’s friends. 

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. What three things (or more) are important to you in a good friendship? Consider how they apply to Jesus as your friend, and to you as Jesus’ friend.

2.  The cross, Ian argued, was a supreme gesture of friendship to us, whom Jesus calls friends. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13). Do you see yourself as Jesus’ friend? If you don’t see yourself as Jesus friend, what gets in the way, and how would seeing yourself as Jesus’s friend change things for you? 

3. Looking in the mirror, which type of friend do you see yourself as in this moment or season of life—Jesus’ forgiven friend, his suffering friend, or his commissioned friend? If you don’t see yourself as any of these, might God be inviting you to see yourself as one of them? If so, which? 

4. “The way of the cross is first and foremost something for us to behold—a singular and transformative act of love—that could only be accomplished by Jesus,” Ian said. As Christians, what is missed if we fail to take time to behold the cross? Ian shared some stories from his own life of when he beheld the cross. Is there a story of beholding the cross in your own life? As we move toward Good Friday, how can you take time this week to behold the cross?