The Way to Gethsemane

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Jesus didn’t approach his looming death on the cross with stoic resignation or numb fatalism, but with raw human emotion before the Father. In this sermon, Abby explores what Gethsemane teaches us about being honest with ourselves before God and choosing his will above our own.

Sermon Discussion Questions

1. Imagine you are a disciple with Jesus at Gethsemane, and you have managed to stay awake. From a distance, you’re watching the healer of lepers, the Messiah, the One with the authority to forgive sins, praying to the Father with tears and much anguish. What do you notice about your friend and teacher as he prays? What surprises you? What disturbs you? What are you learning from his example?

2. Consider the false narrative: Since Jesus has paid the price for my sins and won my salvation, I have no excuse to be sad, angry, lonely, or grieved. In fact, if I feel sad, angry, lonely or grieved, it’s probably a sign that my faith isn’t strong enough. Have you noticed this narrative at play in the church at large or in your own life? What is false about this way of thinking? What biblical evidence that contradicts this narrative?

3. What is something you have had to relinquish? What did the process look like for you? Looking back, where was God present or at work in that process, and how was it transformative?