The Way to Jerusalem

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When Jesus entered Jerusalem, his disciples thought he was going to be crowned king, but their hopes were about to be royally dashed. What do you do when you face disappointment, disillusionment? In this sermon, Adam explores the disciples’ misconceptions about the Kingdom and invites us to trust in a God whose ways are higher than ours.

Sermon Discussion Questions – Mark 11:1 – 10

1) In vs. 1 – 6, Jesus gave specific instructions and predictions about a donkey. Imagine you are one of the two disciples sent to retrieve the donkey. What are you thinking and feeling as you bring the donkey back? What might you be thinking and feeling after Jesus has been crucified, and you remember this experience?

2) Can you think of a time in your life when God wasn’t necessarily meeting you in your perceived biggest need, but he showed up definitively in some small detail that reminded you he sees you, he cares for you, and he is in control? Is there a detail in your life now—a small provision or blessing or grace in the midst of the seeming chaos—through which he might want to be encouraging you?

3) The disciples believed Jesus was going to be crowned king when they entered Jerusalem, but the only crown placed on his head was a crown of thorns. Have you ever felt sure God was going to show up in a certain way, but he didn’t? How did you navigate that disappointment? What, if any, misconceptions about God were revealed? What did you learn from the experience?