The Way to the Jordan

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Jesus’ journey toward the cross started with his journey toward the Jordan River, when he left behind his life as a carpenter and embraced the Father’s calling to preach the Kingdom of God. In this sermon, Abby explores the story of Jesus’ baptism and invites us to consider our own journeys toward God’s calling in our lives.

Sermon Discussion Questions

1)      Jesus waited for the crowds to finish being baptized before he was baptized. What does this say to you about Jesus’ character and values? How might intentionally going last from time to time so that others can go first be fruitful in your own life?

2)      As Christians, we are part of a royal priesthood, following in the steps of Jesus, our great high priest. If you are a follower of Christ, do you think of yourself as a priest—someone who stands in the gap and mediates between God and others? What are some of the ways you can step into your priestly calling?

3)      Theologian Kenneth Boa says, “The more we obey God, the more we come to know him.” Have you experienced this truth at work in your walk with God, and if so, how?

4)      “God’s affirmation of us is not the reward for our good works; it is the foundation for our good works,” Abby said. Where have you experienced a sense of affirmation from God, and how has that played out in your serving him?