Under the Pomegranate Tree

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When you’re not sure what to do, do you camp out under a pomegranate tree and wait, like Saul after the Israelites’ defeat, or do you take action steps, like Jonathan and his armor bearer, who showed up at the enemy’s camp and led the Israelites to a surprising victory? In this sermon, Adam explores what it looks like to live life fully engaged, not stuck in neutral, and he invites us to ponder how God would move us forward as a church.

Sermon Discussion Questions

1 Samuel 14:1–23

  • “There have been a number of moments that, at first glance, looked rather ordinary, but were monumental in shaping my life,” Adam mentioned at the beginning of his sermon. Can you point to any such “ordinary” moments in your life that turned out to be important or monumental in some way?
  • The Philistines have raided the Israelites and confiscated all their weapons except for Jonathan’s sword and Saul’s sword; the Israelite’s are in a holding pattern, camping under a pomegranate tree and deciding what to do next. Reading 1 Samuel 14:1–8, how would you compare Saul and Jonathan’s response to the situation?
  • What do you notice about Jonathan’s approach to discerning God’s will? How do you discern God’s will?
  • Sometimes, we find ourselves living in neutral when in fact, “God is waiting for us to put the car in drive,” Adam pointed out. For instance, we can say we’re waiting on the Spirit’s direction, when in fact God has commissioned us to do certain things, like give, serve, love, pray, forgive, make disciples. Have you seen this dynamic at work in individuals or the church at large? Do you relate?
  • In verses 8–12, we see Jonathan and his armor-bearer climbing the cliff using both hands and feet. “We have to get rid of the false narrative that whatever God invites us into should be easy,” said Adam. “It’s often the difficult seasons of climbing, clawing, and scraping that carry the most significance in our lives.” Do you agree? Can you think of a time of “climbing” in your life that turned out to be significant?
  • Take a moment to pray for discernment in your life as you consider what it looks like to move forward, and for our church as we discern the path forward as well.