Under the Shadow of His Wings – World of Wonder

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When Jesus lamented over Jerusalem, he referred to himself as a hen desiring to gather her chicks. What can we learn about the heart of Christ through the metaphor of the mother hen? In her sermon, Abby looks at three birds in scripture: the eagle, the dove, and the hen. She explores three strategies that hens use to protect their chicks and what those strategies can teach us about Jesus and his love for us. 

Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Scripture compares God to an eagle (Exodus 19:4) as well as to a dove (John 1:32). What adjectives come to mind when you think of an eagle, and what adjectives come to mind when you think of a dove? In what ways do you think God is like an eagle or like a dove?
  • How does Jesus’s metaphor of himself as a hen and his people as chicks (Matt 23:27) change the way you picture him or yourself in relation to him?
  • A hen protects her chicks by providing a safe refuge under her wings and hiding them from predators, but the chicks have to run under the hen’s wing in order to be safe. The psalmist says, “In the shadow your wings I will take refuge” (Ps. 57:1) Do you relate to this image of hiding under the shadow of God’s wing? What obstacles keep you from running to him for refuge?
  • A hen clucks to let her chicks know where she is and to encourage them to stay near. If she clucks while moving, it means “follow.” Do you ever sense the Holy Spirit “clucking,” as it were, encouraging you to stay near and to follow?
  • A hen makes a low, cautionary “errrrr” sound to let her chicks know there is danger and they must come to her for refuge. Can you think of time when you heard the Spirit gently “errrring” as a hen warns her chicks, to let you know there is danger? How did you respond?
  • There are many physical dangers in the world, Abby said, but the real danger is anything that can harm our souls, anything that might come along and replace God as our ultimate affection. What do you see as common predators of the soul in our world?
  • What predators of the soul do you feel most vulnerable to? Take a moment to hide under the wing of Jesus’s presence and love, knowing you can come here whenever there is danger.