What Now – The Book of Acts 1:12-26

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Adam wraps up chapter 1 of Acts and why decision making is a profoundly spiritual act.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Acts 1:12–26 (Adam’s Sermon), 1-14-18

  1. After Jesus’s ascension, the apostles returned to Jerusalem to the room where they were staying. Notice who is present and who is absent (vs. 12 – 14). Does anything about this roll call surprise you or encourage you? Why? (See John 7:5 for additional context.)
  2. Looking closely at the second half of Acts 1, where do you see faith and obedience at work in the lives of the apostles? Try to name at least three aspects of the way the apostles were operating as a community that are admirable and would have been pleasing to God.
  3. How do you tend to approach decisions, whether little or large? Has your approach changed since you began to follow Christ? If so, how? Think of a choice you made relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance and one you made without seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. How did you experience these two choices differently?
  4. As a church today, we don’t choose leaders or make important decisions based on casting lots, but someone could conceivably argue that this practice is biblical…after all, it’s in the Bible! How would you respond to such an approach to this passage?
  5. Learning to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance may not happen overnight. How have you or others you know experienced the direction (or wisdom) of the Spirit? Does the Spirit lead in just one way, or in many ways?
  6. Is there a choice you are in the process of making? James 1:5 promises that God will give wisdom to all who ask in faith. Take a moment to invite the Holy Spirit to lead you in your decision, and trust that He will.