When You Ask For Alms, But God Gives You Legs – Acts 3:1-16

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Adam looks at the healing of a lame man in Acts chapter 3. Looking at how we are like the man who asks God for much less than God has in store for him.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Acts 3:1–16 (Adam’s sermon), 2-11-18

  1. In his account of a lame man healed, Luke wants us to notice something we might easily overlook: Before Peter and John spoke healing over him, “They looked straight at him” (vs. 4). In other words, they took time to see him. How do you think the lame man felt about Peter and John taking the time to see him? When was the last time you felt seen, or took the time to really see another? How would you rate our society at “looking and seeing”?
  2. In order to minister to the lame man, Peter and John had to be willing to let the Spirit interrupt their schedule. They were, after all, on their way to 3pm prayers (vs. 1). Have you ever been interrupted by the Spirit? Or have you ever been ministered to by someone who was willing to be interrupted by the Spirit? How are you doing when it comes to giving God permission to interrupt you?
  3. “Silver and gold I do not have,” said Peter as he ministered to the lame man, “but what I do have, I give you” (vs. 6). How do these words encourage you, or perhaps disturb you? In an affluent society, we tend to rely heavily on our resources to solve our problems and buy our way out of discomfort. What do you think society, the church, or we as individuals could learn from these words?
  4. Luke points out that after inviting the lame man in the name of Jesus to stand and walk, Peter didn’t just watch, but “took him by the right hand and lifted him up.” What does this detail speak to you about Peter? How might the lame man, or bystanders, have experienced this gesture?
  5. Adam amusingly titled his sermon, “When you ask for alms, but God gives you legs.” Sometimes, we just ask God to help us get through instead of embracing the truth of Ephesians 3:20. Where might you be asking God for alms when he wants to give you legs?