Where Your Treasure Is – The Sermon on the Mount

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Jesus told his disciples not to store up treasures on earth, but to store up treasures in heaven. What does this look like in a consumer-minded, materialistic world? In his sermon, Adam shows us how serving earthly treasures can blind us to what really matters, and he invites us to invest in what God is doing and live for what lasts.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 6:19–24

  • When we think of treasure, the proverbial image of a trunk of jewels or coins may come to mind. But what actually is treasure? How do you know that something is a treasure?
  • What do you see people in our society treasuring?
  • What about you? If an alien from a different planet observed your life, what do you think they would perceive as your treasures, based on how you live?
  • Adam suggested that storing up treasures in heaven simply means to “invest our lives in what God is doing and live for what lasts.” What comes to mind as things that last—things that are not fleeting, but eternal?
  • In vs. 22–23, the NIV translation speaks of “healthy” and “unhealthy” eyes, but Adam pointed out that these words in Greek can also be translated as “generous” and “stingy.” How does this alternative translation change or sharpen your understanding of these verses?
  • Materialism, when it becomes our focus, can blind us to God and his kingdom. Have you seen this dynamic at work in your own life or in the world around you?
  • “When we practice generosity, we remind ourselves that heavenly treasures matter more than earthly ones,” Adam pointed out. Have you ever experienced this dynamic, where generosity reordered your priorities and helped you value what matters most? Where might God be inviting you to further extend generosity?
  • Likewise, when we simplify our lives, we are freer to focus more on what God is doing. Have you ever spent time simplifying your life? What effect did it have? Where might God be inviting you to further simplify?
  • Take a moment to prayerfully consider where your treasure is, asking God to help you invest your life in what He is doing and live for what lasts.