Freedom from Anxiety – The Sermon on the Mount

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On average, Americans worry more than anyone else in the world, yet worry doesn’t add a single hour to our lives. In this sermon, Adam shows how Jesus’ words about worry can apply to our lives today, and he offers a path we can take toward peace when we find ourselves burdened with anxiety.

Sermon Discussion Questions

Matthew 6:25 – 34 (Adam’s sermon, 3/18/19)

  • The United States is the most anxious country in the world, Adam pointed out at the beginning of his sermon. Do you see evidence of worry in people around you? What kinds of things do you sense they are worrying about? What do you tend to worry about?
  • Jesus told his disciples to consider the birds of the air (vs.26) and the flowers of the field (vs.28). What do you think these things can teach us when it comes to worry?
  • Adam provided an acronym (C.A.L.M.) with four admonitions that can help us battle worry, the first being, Celebrate(Phil. 4:4). Can you think of anyone in your life who, like Paul, is able to rejoice when circumstances are difficult? Do you believe this is even truly possible?
  • The second admonition is Ask. Have you ever experienced the promise in Phil. 4:6–7? How would you rate yourself when it comes to asking—coming to God with the particulars you are worried about?
  • Leave,the third admonition, involves trusting that God cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). What can Jesus’s example at Gethsemane teach us about leaving our cares with God (Luke 22:41 – 43)?
  • The fourth admonition is Meditate, that is, think on good things (Phil. 4:8). What good or beautiful things have been helpful for you to turn your attention to? What good or beautiful things would you like to focus on going forward?