What is Partnership?

Partnership is the best way to get connected at a deeper level at Church at the Well. Everyone is welcome in our church, but Partnership is for those who want to commit to serve and participate in the church’s vision and core values.

About four times a year we will host Partnership Classes for those wanting to learn more about becoming a partner with Church at the Well. In the class, we cover the following:

Our Story: the history and story of Church at the Well

What We Believe: our theology

How We Function: the governmental/leadership structure, the current budget

Partnership: what it means to become a partner and how to get involved

Next Partnership Class: TBA


To sign up or for more info contact Ian Bailey at

Connect Class: 3rd Sunday of Every Month

We also offer a brief class for those who want to learn about the basics of who we are and what the next steps are to connect to the community. The connect class is offered about once a month, immediately following our Sunday gathering. This class is for everyone asking the question, “What step(s) can I take to connect to the life and community at Church at the Well?” The “class” lasts 10-15 minutes.